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April 17, 2018

Reviewing the basics today to find facial landmarks:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 17cm x 24cm, graphite on sketchbook paper

April 13, 2018

Here are a few quick tries at capturing faces and expressions:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 18cm x 18cm, graphite on sketchbook paper

April 10, 2018

I’ve done as much as I’d planned to do with the wood burning on this box, but my intitial plan included some wood carving with a Dremel tool as well. I’ve since discovered that the top and bottom panels of this box are too thin to take much carving, so I’ve decided to do a bit on the sides of the box instead, which measure about 8mm in thickness. I’m now in the process of coming up with a complimentary design for the sides of the box.
Here’s my progress on the box so far:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 21.5cm x 20.5cm, unfinished wooden box

April 6, 2018

For the past little while I’ve been eager to implement one of my designs for wood burning/ wood carving. I’ve had an unfinished, flat wooden box hanging around for a long time, and being square, it seemed perfect for the design I posted on the blog on March 2.
I transfered a pencil copy of the design to the top of the wooden box and then started work on the shaded sections using wood burning. At first I filled in the shapes that had solid colour, and in the process found that the chisel tip I was using with my wood burning tool did a pretty decent job for areas of shading gradation as well.
Here is my work in progress:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 21.5cm x 20.5cm, unfinished wooden box

April 2, 2018

Here are a few of my favourite gestural sketches from the past week:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 21cm x 28cm, charcoal on sketchbook paper

March 27, 2018

Today’s gesture drawing from life was hampered by rain, so here are a few of my favourites from the 30-second online references I used instead:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 19cm x 15cm, graphite on sketchbook paper

March 23, 2018

Here’s another sheet from my afternoon of gesture sketching:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 19cm x 15cm, graphite on sketchbook paper

March 20, 2018

Today I needed to get outside and enjoy the nice weather, so I went to sketch a few gestures:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 19cm x 15cm, graphite on sketchbook paper

March 16, 2018

I thought I’d try my hand at a few more caricatures today for practice:

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis. 21cm x 23cm, graphite on sketchbook paper

March 13, 2018

Today I made a reuseable cutlery pack to keep in my purse/ bag for when I eat at fast-food restaurants. There are a lot of designs for these packs out there, but I liked the ones that left room for reuseable or recyclable paper straws and a fabric napkin, so I adapted mine to fit those items.

For durability I used a double layer of fabric, sewed the edges together, turned it, then sewed the open end last. To make the pocket, I turned up one end and sewed individual slots to fit each piece of cutlery and a napkin. I intend to roll this pack up and secure it with a tie, but I need to get some ribbon or cord for that. Sewing in snaps or a button would also work well to close the pack.

Here I’m reusing compostable cutlery that I picked up at Noodle Box during my last trip. That will suffice until I can get my hands on a more permanent, reusable solution like wood or a recyclable plastic.

©2018 Jennifer Georgeadis.

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